• Ida Stræde Køhlert
4. term, Social Work, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis is a qualitative study of 3 professionals' cooperation with parents of placed children. The theoretical method of science is hermeneutical, where focus is on interpreting the 3 professionals’ various statements, about their cooperation with parents of placed children. The main focus in this thesis is to illuminate the professionals' preconception of parents of placed children, their approach to them, but also their take on parental involvement and parental support. In the third chapter the Corona crisis impact on their cooperation with the parents is included, as an area of interest.

The findings in this study indicates that the professionals’ preconceptions of parents of placed children, are influenced by thoughts of the parents' upbringing, and how this affects them in their current life. The findings also indicate that the professionals seek to create trust between them and the parents, through recognition. All 3 professionals emphasize that parental involvement is a main focus in their work. The findings in this study indicate that the professionals offer the parents the statutory § 54 support person, but it also indicates that there is some municipal variation, in relation to the § 54.2 parent action plans.

The Corona crisis resulted in a repatriation of the professionals. They had to perform most of their work from home, via virtual platforms. They identify both advantages and disadvantages, in relation to their work with parents of placed children. Furthermore the crisis resulted in some challenges in relation to maintaining the contact between parents and their placed child. It indicates that there was some municipal variation, because one of the professionals expresses that the legislation to visitations was suspended. Another important finding is that the Corona crisis resulted in some of the professionals having a hard time establishing visits, between the biological parents and their placed child in foster care. The reasoning behind this was that the foster parents were afraid of getting infected with the Coronavirus.
Publication date27 May 2021
Number of pages73
ID: 413042028