• Mie Patrzalek
  • Emma Solvang
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The Master’s thesis, A Critical Curiosity, concerns the design of a new urban neighborhood situated at the southern part of Godsbanearealerne, Aarhus C (Denmark). For several decades, Godsbanearealerne were responsible for the transport of goods, which have left historical traces and a cultural-historical heritage at the area.
The motive power behind this thesis is rooted in a wondering of how city planning can be less capitalist-driven and more people-inclusive. Therefore, this thesis investigates how to design for people at eye-level, what generates a sense of belonging, and how a city can be organized with the aim of including the residents in the process of creating a city - a neighborhood.
The design proposal taps into the historical heritage and bridges the industrial area and the new modern district while offering the new urban neighborhood, Bysporet, rooted in neighborliness and community. A neighborhood that provides a sense of belonging and sets the framework for an everyday life of high quality. A neighborhood facilitating meetings between people, and urging the local resident to be an active part in shaping and developing the area.
The proposed design intervention, Bysporet, is developed through an iterative design process founded in literature studies, interviews and questionnaires, analyses, and case studies.
Publication date25 May 2022
Number of pages148
ID: 471142163