• Andreas Lysdal Nielsen
7. term, Social Work, Bachelor (Professional Bachelor Programme)
The main goal for this project is to examine how “the good life” is experienced by homeless people in the Danish society. In addition to that, how the society constructs social phenomena related to life quality or “the good life”. The approach is inspired by both social constructivism and phenomenology, from these scientific points of views, the purpose is to understand homeless people from their perception of the social reality, therefor to understand how they influence the social construction of “the good life” versus the society’s construction of life quality in relation to homeless people. In order to investigate the society versus the homeless, the project includes two different interviews with actual homeless people in Denmark. These interviews will be analyzed from a phenomenological point of view with focus on subjective meanings and perceptions, in relation to Madis Kajandi’s theory of life qualities. Then focus on society's attitude toward homeless individuals, this project uses critical discourse analysis of both the media and a report about the national homeless-strategy. Therefore to discuss how the society influences the homeless, and how the homeless influences the society.
Publication date19 Dec 2014
Number of pages50
ID: 207119526