• Even Falk Magnussen
  • Anders Henrik Bendsen
  • Jens Høyrup
4. term, Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This Master of ICT and Learning Thesis Project deals with difficulties encountered by dyslectics and other types of weak readers and spellers aged 14-20, in Danish secondary education, in a boarding school for dyslectics (Grades 8-10) and a Technical High School. Its central research questions focus on ways in which pupils and students like these may become more motivated by means of a so-called Digital Learning Architecture or DLA. It combines iPads and other mobile devices, platforms and cloud services in what may at best become a seamless structure that accommodates pupils, teachers, didactics and technology.
The project makes use of a phenomenological and hermeneutical as well as a social constructivist approach and a varied array of learning theories and methods. To carry out investigations into these matters, the thesis makes use of approaches offered by Design-Based Research, user-driven innovation and Focus Group Interviews with props and workshop activities. A three-stage process was adopted, using quantitative pupil questionnaires, Focus Group interviews and semi-structured qualitative interviews.
Findings are that such a Digital Learning Architecture may in fact be put together, and a first iterative model is conceptualised and sketched out in more detail. To work, it will include many teacher and educational resources and a good deal of collaboration among pupils. New uses of iPads are outlined as well. The project finally assesses the validity and reliability of its findings briefly.
Publication date4 Jun 2013
Number of pages114
ID: 77194489