The effect of coaching on golfers: Self-reflection and insight?

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Malene Stensgaard Pedersen
  • Rikke Vandvig
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
Introduction: The inspiration for this project is found in our curiosity about coaching. Various sources [Wittrock et al.,2009, Greif, 2007] has expressed a wish for more empirical studies investigating the effects of coaching and this is therefore our area of focus. The aim for the project is to investigate what effect a coaching approach has on athletes.

Methods: The Danish junior national team of golfers, and golf students at Ikast-Brande Sportstar College were used as focus subjects in the empirical data. Their trainer uses a coaching approach in the training sessions. A questionnaire by Grant et al. [2002] called The Self-Reflection and Insight Scale, was translated and revised, and uses to collect data. This was coupled with a group interview with the golfers and an interview with the trainer.

Analysis: A phenomenological approach was chosen for the collection of data and a hermeneutic for the analysis. The analysis is divided in four parts. First an analysis of the questionnaire survey, where the results of the golfers was compared with to control groups. Thereafter an analysis interpretation and discussion and of the interview with the golfers concerning how the coaching approach influenced the subjects, as well as what advantages and disadvantages they had with this approach. Following this, an analysis, interpretation and discussion of the interview with the trainer where conducted. The focus was placed on whether it was actual coaching used by the trainers or not, and his reasons for choosing this approach. Finally a comparison of the interview with the golfers and the trainer to evaluate whether the answers to the questions were uniform.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that the coaching approach used at golfers from the Danish junior national team and Sportstar College enhanced their self awareness and insight in compare to the two control groups. The results of the questionnaire survey supported the analysis and conclusions made from the interviews. We conclude to have proved that there is agreement between theories about coaching and our empirical findings according to the effect of coaching.
Publication date30 May 2012
Number of pages89
ID: 63424060