• Line Kronborg Madsen
  • Anh Lan Nguyen
4. term, Geography, Master (Master Programme)
The tradition in urban planning has been to convert green areas into grey infrastructure or other human needed functions, and to push water out of town with the approach - out of sight out of mind. Meaning that these often have and is neglected, and therefore the need to ensure these is essential because green spaces can participate in maintaining or improving the health and well-being of citizens.
This projects purpose is to create a new concept, 3-in-1 concept, for city planners and other relevant stakeholders, so they can have a shared vision and communicate to create multifunctional urban green spaces. The methoed used to design the elements in the concept, is urban planning to identify key infrastructures, stakeholder interviews to analyse areas with or without silo thinking, geographic information system (GIS) for mapping infrastructures and functions to see the opportunities for planning multifunctional green urban spaces.
The foundation of the 3-in-1 concept is determined, whereas the designs of the various infrastructures can be a big project in itself, and therefore there is a need for engineers to further develop the infrastructures.
Furthermore this concept is the first of its kind and therefore the meaning has been to test the concept, therefore this project should be viewed as a pilotprojekt.
Publication date9 Jun 2023
Number of pages139
ID: 533857874