• Johnni Sørensen
4. term, Laws, Master (Master Programme)
The study also considers the legal knowledge the municipalities must acquire to make decisions in terms of appointing Natura 2000 areas.

Furthermore, the study shows that the distance between the EU and national legislative process, the adjustment to action plans as well as district, and local government plans result in a dilution of provisions intended by the EU directive.

This analysis clearly shows the municipalities’ general lack of competences necessary to make the right decisions when considering the affect actual projects and plans would have on a Natura 2000 area.

In regards to the City of Aalborg, the analysis shows that local government plans in particular do not reflect the demands and intentions of the EU habitats directive as only one local government plan would have been sufficient. As a result, the risk exists that current and future local government plans will conflict with the habitats directive.
Publication date3 Jan 2016
Number of pages66
ID: 225093307