• Carl Rasmus van der Burg
  • Tórhallur Kirke
  • Alen Rokic
3. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
Shopping is a part of our everyday life and with the
current proliferation of mobile phones this report
will examine whether Near Field Communication
and mobile technology can be utilised to improve
self-service shopping. A field study on self-service
shopping is conducted with customer interviews
and observations in Harald Nyborg. Furthermore,
a focus group with the employees is conducted in
order to understand their experiences on self-service
Based on the field study, a design for a proof-ofconcept
mobile phone application is made to address
some of the problems that exist in the current form
of self-service shopping. The design consists of a scenario,
followed by use cases, requirements and a class
diagram. Although the design is not implemented
in this report we examine what options we have to
implement the design on contemporary mobile platforms.
Finally, the design is reflected upon in the
Publication date6 Jan 2011
Number of pages44
ID: 43481724