• Kamilla Holse Palbjørn
4. term, Learning and Innovative Change, Master (Master Programme)
What is the point of our work? What is the task to solve? How do we solve it best? These, among other questions, a group of employees was left with after the city council in Herning municipali-ty in 2018 came to a budget agreement, which was not only about economy but also a political decision to create a new department of Herningsholmskolen, a department only for students, who lives in the Holtbjerg neighborhood. This master’s thesis examines the circumstances around the political decision, the sensemaking process, which leads to a clear definition of the core task of the employees and the subsequently practice for individually employees. According to Rose & Miller, the exercise of power leaves a vacuum also in political managed organizations. The employees will have to act in this vacuum by using their professionalism and willpower to be able to practice empowerment, in this way Paulo Freire says that they can free themselves and gain ownership of their own practice. The master’s thesis: ”Empowerment from below” concern the group of employees in the department and its process of sensemaking in the power vacuum after the political decision, which on paper, has constructed a school without any previous key practice for employees to lean against. The study of the master’s thesis has its starting point in the employees’ own desire for change and examines dialogically, by the narrative principles of Michala Schnoor, the common narra-tive understanding which is defining for their core task. The educational day, which underlies to a great extent of the empirical data, is constructed by an empowerment mentality, where I as a researcher, has taken the part as an empowerment evaluator, defined by D. M Fetterman. The understanding of the employees as constructors, is essential. Therefore, throughout the mas-ter’s thesis, a democratic selection process will appear, which will maintain the power of defini-tion placed with the employees. As response to the political exercise of power, which until now has created a practice where the employees are positioned as well as oppressors and as oppressed within their own practice. It is important to emphasize that in the employee perspective in the master’s thesis use a narra-tive understanding to secure the complexity and contribute with both individually and shared perspectives to the understanding of the narrative about their core task.
Publication date5 Dec 2020
Number of pages57
External collaboratorHerningsholmskolen, Holtbjerg
Afdelingsleder René Nordentoft Madsen herrm@herning.dk
Place of Internship
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