• Katharina Muss Richardy
  • Maria Tanousa
Several perspectives have investigated employee engagement; however, very little to none concerning knowledge management. Knowing the positive relationship of employee engagement to staff members’ performance and the disadvantages that employee disengagement can have on employees’ physical and mental health, the need to examine employee engagement further cannot be emphasized. This study seeks to investigate the correlation between knowledge management and employee engagement in a Nordic government-run organization. By employing a mixed-method approach, this study aims to gain in-depth insight into employees’ engagement in the Nordic House in Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and NAPA in Greenland, which follows a knowledge management style. The results indicated that there is a neutral to the positive correlation between knowledge management and employee engagement.
Publication date2 Jun 2020
Number of pages75
External collaboratorNordens Hus
Direktør Sabina Westerholm sabina@nordichouse.is
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