Emission of greenhouse gases from wet meadows

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Pernille Gudum
The subject for this thesis is Emission of greenhouse gases from wet meadows and therefore
3 locations with different soil types were chosen. The soil was analysed for potential flux of
methane and nitrous oxide.
Fluxes were determined for a total soil profile; 0-30 cm. Furthermore fluxes from soil samples
with a specific volume (100 cm3) were determined in every 5 cm of the soil profile
from each location; Poulstrup, Restrup and Østerådalen. Additionally, fluxes of methane
and nitrous oxide were determined on soil samples, which were added nitrogen.
The project is done to clarify if established wetlands affect the emission of the greenhouse
gases; methane and nitrous oxide, and if so to what extent. Additionally, the results obtained
in this project are needed in this area of knowledge, cf. Nielsen et al. [2011]
Data and calculations are enclosed on a CD.
Publication date15 Jun 2012
Number of pages53
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