Elv - Water recirculating shower

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jacob Terp Christensen
  • Alexander Sun Petersen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
The project was written over a four month period, during the 10th semester at the Industrial Design education, Aalborg University. Created through both technical solution oriented research and user studies. Wasting water during showering is highly water consuming, hence a solution toward the minimisation of water wastage was conceptualised. Water wastage while showering is a severe result of water getting drained, with only minimal contact with the user, meaning that most of the water is more than adequate for getting used again. To solve this, several products try to limit the water output or manipulate the water in ways which minimize water output, both of which affect the showering experience for the worse, an experience which many users value highly while showering. Elva provides a solution which by recirculating the else drained water, creates a sustainable shower for the water saving segment. Furthermore Elva provides the user with comforting aspects not found on other products, by using the recirculated water to enable for both a higher coverage shower, and temperature features suited for users that value the showering experience as a therapeutic and relaxing activity.
Publication date2017
Number of pages255
ID: 257748679