Electricity generation for off-grid houses in Denmark

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Uffe Hjortshøj Schifter-Holm
  • Andreas Høier Mølsted
4. Term, Building Energy Design (Master Programme)
The subject of this project is to analyze and design a solution for electricity generation for sustainable off-grid houses, that is currently under development as a part of a larger project called Project Grobund. The report contains the following main topics:
A discussion of off-grid electricity systems and possible technologies for local electricity production.
Calculations/estimations of the energy demands for the conceptual off-grid house.
An investigation of the potential of thermoelectric elements on a mass oven through laboratory and in-field tests.
The development of an Excel-based Off-grid Simulation Tool, that can simulate the balance between electricity demand, production and storage for a system with photovoltaic panels, wind turbine and batteries.
The design of an energy system for the offgrid houses in Project Grobund.
An overview of Danish legislation that can affect the possibilities for off-grid living, with a detailed discussion of the circumstances at the intended location for Project Grobund.
Publication date13 Jan 2017
Number of pages160
External collaboratorProject Grobund (grobund.org)
Steen Møller steenfriland@gmail.com
ID: 249137423