• Mia Duedal Pedersen
  • Michael Hye
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
Psychological counseling plays an important role in elite athletes’ returning to sports after an injury. The counseling effects both their emotions as well as their motivation. In order to increase motivation for rehabilitation, physiotherapists can avail themselves of psychological counseling opportunities; but what kinds of psychological counseling opportunities do the physiotherapists make use of, and what impact does this have on elite athletes’ motivation? In this project, the aim was to examine how elite athletes’ motivation, to go through a rehabilitation process and return to their sports could be stimulated by psychological counseling from a physiotherapist. Based on an interview with a physiotherapist, five recommendations were established, and subsequently used to construct qualitative interviews with three elite athletes. The analysis and discussion of the qualitative data suggest that the following psychological counseling opportunities have had an influence on the elite athletes' motivation: listening and support, including information and treatment. Similarly, knowledge sharing where training knowledge and causal treatment are essential. Additional visualization, goal settings, individualization, pre-understanding and workout buddy.
Publication date2 Jun 2015
Number of pages61
ID: 213469768