Electric Vehicles; Will they break the future Danish electricity grid?

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Logi Steinn Jonsson
This thesis is based in Choice Awareness Theory in order to offer different choices in relation to the future prospect of increased EV power demand. Through the use of a custom made Excel model, different scenarios of residential EV population are explored, both for the distribution grid and the transmission grid in Denmark, in an attempt to answer the question of what would happen to these grids, and if they would break. The results point towards both grids being stronger than anticipated; but the distribution grid is ill-equipped to handle large volumes of EVs, although the transmission grid is unlikely to break at all as a result of increased EV population. Expansion of the model by way of commercial transportation or financial considerations might improve the accuracy of the results. The negative aspects of the findings can be countered by preparing the respective grids for the increased demand.
SpecialisationSustainable Energy Planning and Management
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages49
ID: 280559137