Extreme Load of Pipe Supports, Dan FF

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Anders Brink Nielsen
Maersk Oil & Gas has reassessed the particle velocities of the 10.000year-wave and found the velocities approximately twice the size as previously assessed. The existing frame structure beneath the Cellar-Deck must therefore be checked against the new particle velocities and reinforced if necessary. The project concerns the pipelines DFF-12"-WI-359051-API5LX65 and DFF-12"-PHS-389002-API5LX65 beneath Cellar-Deck on Dan FF. Before the initiation of this project rough calculation has shown that the frame around the pipe supports requires reinforcement. This conclusion has been verified with ANSYS Workbench FEM analysis in the Problem Analysis. Further, it is concluded that the reinforcement of the frame only is necessary for horizontal wave load perpendicular to the pipe length. Based on Maersk Oil & Gas' desire for a solution that can be used in a similar frame structures beneath Cellar-Deck on the North Sea, there are made reinforcements to the frame. The reinforcements are made by additional support of the frame. By changing the length of the additional supports, the solution can be used in a similar frame structures beneath the Cellar-Deck in the North Sea. The solution has been verified in ANSYS Workbench with the same parameter settings as used in the Problem Analysis. The solution strengthens the frame enough to lower the stress level beneath the steels Yield Stress, which by virtue of the design method Accidental Limit State is the limiting factor. Further, the project has verified that the pipes DFF-12 "-WI-359051-API5LX65 and DFF-12" -PHS-389002-API5LX65 is adequately supported in respect to the 10.000year-wave.
Publication date7 Jan 2015
Number of pages99
External collaboratorMaersk Oil
Head of Rotating Equipment, Mechanical Department Torben Schultz torben.schultz@maerskoil.com
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