• Helle Johannessen
  • Christian Neubert
2 year, Master of Health Informatics (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This project is a quality assessment of the accessible information in the e-journal. Information quality is assessed by physicians and the project seeks to answer the question of whether the information quality is of such quality that they can meet the expected benefits of data sharing and use of e-journal set by the politicians.

The objective is answered on the basis of a self-developed model to assess health informatic systems, and analysis of the related interviews. The proprietary model is based largely on the D & M IS success model, but is adapted to the health informatics context.

The results show that the expected gains are redeemed although the quality of the available data does not meet the criteria set up by the researchers. The physicians at the acute medical ward at the regional hospital of Horsens find that the available information has utility in diagnosis, treatment and care of the patients. This result would might be less favorable if the study was conducted in a somatic department.

Although the expected gains in this context are redeemed, it is necessary to establish specific criteria for what quality is and how it should be measured. Secondly there is a need for developing further methods to evaluate this.
Publication date3 May 2012
Number of pages117
ID: 62853373