• Kristian Kirstein Severinsen
  • Jonas Frantsen
  • Jonas Skovby Pedersen
This thesis deals with the, now undergoing, modernization of the law concerning condominiums and the process of registration related to condominiums.

During the work with this thesis, a larger project is unfolding. This project is called ‘Grunddataprogrammet’, and its main purpose is to distribute, change and reimagine the way the data will be handled in Denmark. With this, the plan is that in the future, every type of property in Denmark would be gather in one register, with the same method of registering - in the Cadastral Register. Which means that condominiums shall no longer be registered in ‘Tingbogen’ where the registration is located in this day and age. With the change of register, and thereby a change of the governing of the property data, other changes to the documents and the data itself may come. The requirements for quality and contents of these documents and data hasn’t been changed for yeas, and with the inevitable progress in time and technology, new requirements would be suiting.

Also, the law concerning condominiums, which dates 1. July 1966, seems outdated and unstructured compared to present laws. Therefore a new commission has been established to amend the Condominiums Law, to make it seem more contemporary and structured. This amendment of the Condominium Law is happening concurrently with the changes of the property registration process. Both the law and the process interact within each other, but the main problem is, that there aren’t any real co-operation between the people who amend the law and the people who amend the registration process.

The main purpose of this thesis is therefore; to propose changes for a new Condominiums Law to establish a basis for the thesis’ suggestion to the new registration process regarding condominiums.
Publication date9 Jun 2017
Number of pages135
ID: 259462850