Property valuation of condominiums, how can rights of use be involved?

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Emma Viklund Larsen
  • Hasse Thougaard Ruby
This report is about the new danish property valuation
system, with focus on condominiums and their usage
rights. The report is based on the assumption, that
user rights to for example balconies, parkering spaces
or storage rooms, affects the value either possitve or
negative. The project therefore investigates whether
these have a value, and what data may be required to
work on for include these in the property valuation.
The project is in two pieces with a initial analysis and a
main analysis.
In the initial analysis, a case is investigated to see
if it’s clear what value balconies, parking spaces and
storage spaces may have. It is further investigated in the
publicly available documents, how the new property
valuation should be made.
In the main analysis, more information on the model
for valuation of condominiums is sought. This will
be done through contact with ICE (Real Estate Evaluation
Center) and attendance at a seminar. The project
afterwards investigates the pros and cons of the use
of these usage rights. In conclusion there are recommendations
to SKAT for how usage rights in the future
should be handled in relation to valuation of condominiums.
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages112
ID: 280540983