eHealth application for the rural area in Tanzania

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Gathatharan Jeyakumar
  • Michal Greszta
This project will introduce growing in term of attractiveness concept called “e-health”. The research will investigate what is the influence of electronic healthcare on the regular healthcare quality and its potential to be developed in the developing region.

Furthermore, to exemplify how various impacts of e-health are in different countries the situation which is presently in Europe will be examined. The trends and current statistic based on the Europe action plan documents will help to understand importance of e-health not only for the patients but also other parties.

Going further, the contrast between developed and developing countries will show the difference in term of quality between healthcare sectors. The additional investigation will focus on the possibility to implement known in developed areas primary eHealth model solution in Tanzania, based on the available technology in this region.

Finally we will design and implement eHealth application which will be concentrate on the primary care. The developed product will be based on the current known models and try to be fitted in to Tanzania technological environment with respecting potential patient’s requirements regarding the functionality.
SpecialisationConverging Media Technologies
Publication date10 Jun 2015
Number of pages150
External collaboratorBlueTown
Kim Høgskilde
ID: 213910858