• Shravan Kantharaja
4. term, Structural and Civil Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This project report contains the prediction of the mooring line forces and the prediction of the dynamic response of the floating space frame structure when subjected to a 1st order regular wave and a 2nd order regular wave. Different wave theories and the method of selecting of an appropriate wave theory is explained. A co-rotational beam formulation is implemented since the floating structures would undergo large deformations when subjected to a wave. Cylindrical beam elements are used to model all the structural elements in the project.
Relative Morison’s equation has been implemented in the project to take into account the movement of the structure when subjected to the wave forces. For validation of the wave structure interaction a simple V-shaped submerged structure is subjected to a linear regular wave and the results obtained from MATLAB and Ansys are compared. Drifting of the structure can be noticed when subjected to a 2nd order regular wave with the same wave parameters.
An anchored floating space frame structure similar to the WEPTOS Wave Energy Con-verter is modelled. This structure is subjected to a 1st order and a 2nd order wave to carry out a time domain analysis. The predicted mooring line forces and the predicted displace-ment of the structure is compared.
Publication date9 Jun 2016
Number of pages66
ID: 235033967