Effect of PpT-1 on oxidative stress in C. elegans

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Ismail Mohamed Hassan
6. term, Biotechnology, Bachelor (Bachelor Programme)
The aim of this project was to determine whether the tryptophyllin-like peptide, PpT-1, isolated from the skin of the Iberian green frog carries antioxidant properties. The investigation was carried on transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans strains CL2166, CL2070, and TJ356, containing green fluorescent protein coupled to gst-4, hsp-16, and DAF-16, respectively. Hydrogen peroxide was used to induce oxidative stress, and fluorescence microscopy was used to observe the expression of protein marker construct. CL2166 was treated with varying concentrations of PpT-1, and survival score and fluorescent images were compared to the previous pilot experiment. Lack of GFP expression suggests that PpT-1 is not toxic to the strain. Treatments with varying PpT-1 concentrations seem to not influence lifespan, although 10 mM concentration seems to have a lower mortality rate than the others.
Publication date20 Aug 2021
Number of pages25
ID: 437894406