Ecodesign i Polycom

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Mette Høj

The outset of this report has been to look into how ecodesign can be implemented in the case company Polycom. The context of the study is that the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish EPA, Aalborg University and the NGO Green Cross Denmark launched a project called “Clean Enterprises of the 21st Century”. The aim of the project is to support the implementation of sustainable production and consumption in Danish small and medium sized enterprises. One of the aims is to develop an online digital toolbox that among other things will contain an ecodesign tool. Ecodesign is a concept that focuses on the environmental impacts throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. Tools for ecodesign are often used in the product development either to assess the environmental issues of a product or to improve the product. The case company Polycom is a medium sized company that produces and sells telephone systems to enterprises in Denmark and internationally. Polycom’s prior experience with environmental work has an internal focus on their own production and consumption. An ecodesign tool can help Polycom to shift focus from the internal environmental influences to the external focus on the lifecycle of their products. This thesis demonstrates that implementation of ecodesign in Polycom requires more than just a tool for use in the product development. There are some other prior conditions which must be met before ecodesign can be implemented successfully. These conditions are divided into three categories: The frame, the procedures and the tool. The success factors in the category “frame” are related to the management of the company and the overall conditions for the environmental work. The factors in the category “procedures” are related to overall procedures such as development of environmental checklists, guidelines and standards for the environmental work in the company. The final factors are requirements to the ecodesign tool, such as it must contain a material database, it should be used for internal communication, easy to use and it must not be resource-consuming. The thesis outlines that success factors for implementation of ecodesign in Polycom are thus related to other factors than just a tool for product development. To implement ecodesign in Polycom it is important to modify and adapt the surrounding conditions for the environmental work before addressing the specific product.
Publication date9 Jun 2011
Number of pages74
ID: 52869392