• Daniel Solsø Korsgård
  • Michael Stampe Knudsen
2. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
In an earlier project, nine existing solutions for unified web development of RIAs were researched. It became apparent that none of these solutions have integrated styling mechanisms that aid in RIA development. In this project, some existing styling solutions are examined to determine their styling capabilities. Nine use cases are presented and used to test the capabilities of the styling solutions. The test shows that the most promising styling solutions are the least widespread. The goal of the project is to integrate dynamic styling mechanisms into a general purpose programming language. The integrated styling mechanism must employ more expressive power than that of CSS. This includes: More powerful selectors, ability to constrain the style of elements on one another, and advanced expressions. The solution, an extension for JavaScript, is designed. The design is described with complete syntax and semantics, and a prototype of the design is implemented. The prototype is then tested by implementing the nine use cases. The test shows that the developed solution is capable of implementing all the use cases. In most cases, the implementations in the developed solution are found to be more concise than the implementations in the existing solutions. The conclusion is that a powerful and dynamic styling solution has been developed.
Publication date2009
Number of pages111
Publishing institutionInstitut for Datalogi
ID: 17697775