• Jonas Krogsbøll Nielsen
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
Based on a vision and an idea that the complexity of dynamic lighting for human needs could be structured and represented as a model to help discover new human potentials in dynamic lighting design, and to help create a holistic understanding of this topic, the currently available dynamic means and their proposed purposes from industry companies and concepts were investigated. These were analysed for possible interrelations, and discussions about interrelations were the foundation for the development of a design model. The design model is divided into three main contexts in which human needs in dynamic lighting design cases exist. The overview of contexts and interrelations in the model, along with a supplementary list of the investigated dynamic lighting potentials, is intended to help a lighting designer discover new dynamic lighting potentials for human needs. The model was tested in a simple experiment, but due to the nature of the test, it could not provide a clear answer to the problem statement. However, the test did provide a subjective indication, that the model helps as intended to some degree.
Publication date14 Jun 2018
Number of pages52
ID: 280896489