• Randi Munk-Jakobsen
This project regards the Danish domain system and trademark holders’ rights on the Internet. On the Internet, trademark holders are equal to other registrants, even those who register domains in bad faith. The Internet is rapidly growing, and the need for more preventive measures has arisen. This project examines trademark holders possibilities, both preventive and with the Danish and international complaints board. The background is build up by an evaluation of the present legislation in Denmark, with special focus on the leading legislation on the domain system. In addition to this the most important participants will be examined, and their mutual relations. There will be an exploration of both the Danish and WIPOs (World Intellectual Property Organization) definition of the term “bad faith” in regard to registration of domains.The term bad faith will be explored in both the complaints board and the national court. The analysis will be based on cases from WIPO and the Danish compliant board. The analysis regarding further legislation on the Danish domain name system will be based on recommendations from several Danish authorities and WIPO. Furthermore the project attempts to unveil the need for more legal regulation in the Danish domain system, and the effect of compulsory use of domain names.The project will end with a conclusion on Danish trademark holders present rights on the Internet.
Publication date2008
Number of pages81
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 14371973