• Jens Burla Johansen
  • Kasper Hangaard Røgen
  • Bastian Bresson
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
With the development of more capable satellites, satellite constellations and formations also become more capable. Recent constellations and deep space projects are much larger, in terms of the number of satellites, than previous projects. With these larger constellations, the need for autonomous satellites becomes more apparent, as manually managing these constellations would be infeasible. In this project we explore how satellites could become more autonomous.
This project contains three primary contributions. The first contribution is the development of an autonomous self healing satellite constellation framework. The second contribution is the development of a simulating tool, which allows debugging and interaction with the constellation framework in realtime. The last contribution is the development of multiple UPPAAL verification models, as well as the results from said verifications. These are used to prove the correctness of the framework, as well as to analyse the performance of the framework. The framework, simulator and models serve as a proof-of-concept for an autonomous satellite constellation system.
Publication date4 Jun 2020
Number of pages64
ID: 333576607