• Chris Ulrik Jeppesen
  • Malte Rørmose Damgaard
4. term, Control and Automation, Master (Master Programme)
With the emerging technologies of autonomous vehicles and vehicle-to-vehicle communication, the purpose of this project is to investigate how these technologies can be used to improve the safeness and optimality of intersection passing.
In this project, insight is obtained through the formulation of a very general mathematical formulation of the Cooperative Intersection Management problem, and by analyzing this problem as a Generalized Nash Equilibrium problem.
Based on this analysis and a common structure of decision-making hierarchy of autonomous vehicles, a solution concept consisting of two sub-systems is proposed. One sub-system taking care of model deficiencies and measurement noise, and another sub-system ensuring feasibility and optimality of the system.
Both simulation and real-life tests are con- ducted to verify the validity and performance of the proposed solution. This shows that the proposed solution effectively solves the Cooperative Intersection Management problem under given assumptions in a distributed manned.
Publication date6 Jul 2018
Number of pages174
ID: 280537747