• Sofie Bach Hansen
  • Daniel Daugaard Boberg
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
In this paper we explore the potential of using multiplicity and performativity as tools for a critical analysis of a drone development path creation in Denmark. We approach the field with an ethnographic multi-sited research design allowing us to track the phenomena of civil drones through multiple sites in Denmark.
We describe practices enacting and performing different realities and how these realities get related together in practice. We find that some practices seem as converging, in what appears singular and dominating. We consider how this both enables and restricts the development path creation, and creates the potential for change. We explore this by considering a handful of actors, who we identify as influential in the Danish drone development path creation. We treat the actors performatively and ask; what might happen if the dominant practice is re-multiplied and recognizes and responds to ‘hidden controversies’ of civil drones? We conclude that subordinate practices are enacted alongside dominant practices, and by re-multiplying the dominant practice the subordinate practices can prove to be an important resource for the development path creation.
Publication date10 Jun 2016
Number of pages63
ID: 235099280