• Majke Dekkers Gjedsted
  • Thomas Schmidt Jensen
  • Sanne Dallgaard Madsen
4. term, Clinical Science and Technology, Master (Master Programme)
Introduction: In 2009, the Danish Regions introduced their strategy for an external temporary workers stoppage on all public hospitals in Denmark. Studies show that the quality of care can be enhanced and the economic cost reduced by using internal temporary workers that are already familiar with each ward’s workflow. A digitalization of the Danish health system will help to create an overview and consistent workflows across regions, hospitals and wards. The aim of this project is to cover how a digital solution affects the temporary worker management at Aalborg University Hospital.
Method: This study uses a quasi-experimental research design to compare pre- and post-test data of the temporary worker management system, Ovivo, in two wards at Aalborg University Hospital. Data is collected through interviews, register extracts, observations and self-registration forms. 10 nurses and 19 temporary workers participated over a 20-day period. The user satisfaction with Ovivo, was examined using questionnaires.
Results: By using Ovivo, less time was required from a work period was available until it was occupied. Ovivo did not affect the relation between usage of internal temporary workers and occupying the watches. The administrator was generally satisfied with Ovivo and would like to use it onward since it, among other qualities, supplied an overview of the temporary worker management. The temporary workers, gave ambiguous feedback. They preferred using the temporary workers office, but would also like to use Ovivo.
Conclusion: A digital solution like Ovivo affect the temporary worker management at Aalborg University Hospital in relation to shortening the time between available work period and until it is occupied. Ovivo also provided an enhanced overview of the temporary worker management for the users. A digital solution has an influence on the workflow of the temporary workers, the persons in charge of the wards and the the temporary workers office.
Publication date1 Jun 2016
Number of pages69
ID: 234533805