• Oskar Emil Rytter Behrens
This thesis presents some of the challenges in a strategic partnership between work- and information processes in relation to usage of technology when working on planning a constructing.
The purpose is to get the challenges of work- and information processes in relation to information- and communication technology identified. The output for this is to make an analysis of the actors involved in a building project as well as a software supplier. To be able to see challenges in a wider perspective, the analysis of operators has gone from the individual to the collective level.
This thesis will primarily be relevant for architects, engineers, constructing architects and software suppliers of ICT-solutions for building projects. The thesis aims to give these actors an understanding of what mechanisms cause challenges with the work- and information processes in planning. Furthermore, how these considerations can be relevant for implementation and general applying of technologies.
This thesis is a case study of a building project that exist in the planning stage of a project. The empirical data are collected by qualitative interviews with relevant actors in and about a building project. The approach for this analysis has been activity theoretical, which has also been applied as the structure for the thesis. The starting point is the actors and their relation to which tools they apply, the division of labour and the mechanism that controls the actors’ actions in their work.
To sum up the conclusion, challenges with work- and information processes in planning a construction exist on several levels – from individual to collective. On the individual level, the challenges occurs in the differences that lies between architects and engineers, which creates contradictions and ends up giving collective challenges in a project organisation.
Architects and engineers are challenged on the usage of ’Description of Services Building and Planning/Design phase’ and ’Appointment step’ that is applied in TRUST, which indicates when ABR89 and ABT93 is used. Therefore, architects and engineers are challenges of some of the stabile structures in the constructing. It has been concluded that actors’ different interpretation of ’ Description of Services Building and Planning/Design phase’ are likely to have a potential meaning for the implementation of software, as the different approaches for planning is not fully supported in the software solutions. This can end up limiting the full potential in a software solution.
Publication dateJan 2018
Number of pages75
ID: 266939751