• Stefan Snyder Larsen
  • Anders Michael Haugaard Jensen
In contemporary Denmark the building industry is
under great pressure from the digitalization of the
building trade. There are legal requirements to the
digital delivery and builders continue to acquire
greater ambitions to the delivery. To a large
extent these requirements and wishes concern a
wish to streamline building operations using the
digitalized material. Hence this study has a focus
on how operations are configured through the ICT
agreements, which are the agreements concerning
the guidelines for the digital work of a building
The intention of this project has been to prepare a
relative and tangible explanation of how
operations are configured. This has been done
through an examination of different available and
helpful technologies which are explained in order
to create clarity on how the most essential
configuring technologies create the general
guidelines on how operations are treated in the
ICT agreements. The study further contains a
descriptive walkthrough of a number of the most
influential parties’ opinions of technology and
essentials in the content of the digital delivery.
The purpose of this walkthrough is to give an
impression of the many different approaches to
how operations should be configured in the digital
delivery. This technological and sociological
aspect is coupled using theory on actor networks
in an analysis of how technologies and parties
affect each other. Finally, a number of the
subjects touched upon are discussed and these
may be considered inspiration for future studies.
Publication date10 Jan 2014
Number of pages80
ID: 175827629