• Mathilde Leth Lokjær Hansen
  • Michael Bruhn Stender
  • Carina Lund Sørensen
4. term, Experience Design, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this Master’s thesis is to create an experience design that can consider the integration of young refugees in Aalborg. The objective of the thesis is to lay down the framework for young refugees and young Danes to be motivated to create relations. This thesis is framed through a theoretical discourse, in which the integration concept is investigated with a focus on the value of experience.
Understanding the needs of the young refugees and deciding which group to target was based on a visit to Tranum Asylcenter. As an addendum to understand the integration process, Jobcenter Integration Aalborg, and Dansk Flygtningehjælp was interviewed. The predominant understanding of the integration concept is that it is a societal responsibility. In this thesis, the integration concept is explored with the perspective that young Danes act as main operators to create a successful integration of young refugees. To obtain knowledge of the wishes of young Danes and young refugees to create relations, ten young Danes and three young refugees, aged 18-24, have been interviewed.

The theoretical discourse has been framed based on literature, which focuses on obtaining an understanding of how the individual acts in the world, again based on trust and recognition. This includes literature about experience and motivation theory to better understand, how the individuals through good experiences can be motivated to create new relations. Furthermore, an understanding of the integration concept is based on whether an actual integration is desired. To attain an understanding of the relations between young Danes and young refugees, the concepts of symmetry and asymmetry have been derived and applied based on the theoretical discourse. It is from this, the theoretically based design criteria have been created.

Subsequently, design criteria have been derived from the empirical basis to gain insight in actual expectations and desires for an integration process. In this thesis, the theoretical and analytical design criteria are compared to deduce integrational possibilities and barriers that, along with deduced host and guest concepts justify the development of the final concept.
The concept consists of an intro course at an educational institution, wherefrom the young Danes and young refugees will interact with one another to reach a common language.

By creating a fixed boundaries experience design, young Danes and young refugees can be motivated to create social relations and integration on an inter humanly level through scheduled physical interaction.
Publication date23 May 2017
Number of pages159
ID: 258174255