Diabetes II: Is there a need to prevent?

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Kamilla Sarossy
4. term, Communication, Master (Master Programme)
The topic and aim for this master thesis is diabetes II and the prevention of it through communication. The interest regarding diabetes emerges from earlier interests and the idea of being able to specialize within the health sector by writing a master thesis with a topic in this field. The main issue is a large number of youngsters who get diabetes II have improved over the last years. To clarify if there is an interest among the interested parties in preventing diabetes II, they were told to state their opinion. The interested all agreed that there is a need of prevention. The interested parts are Diabetes Foreningen, Novo Nordisk, Steno Diabetes Center, the Danish Government and the EU. This master thesis’ aim is to focus on diabetes II and the prevention of it through communication. The target group is youngsters in the age of 13 to 15; attending school. Some care for their health others do not. The Gallupkompasmodel places them in ’de moderneindividorienterede’, the keywords regarding them is dynamic youngsters and pioneers. In order of being aware of how to solve the problem by the use of communication. Two health visitors and one specialist in children’s diseases gave interviews about the youths health, diabetes, the contact between the health visitors and the target, information and the work of the health visitors. The interviews have been analyzed which produced several points and statements. The points and statements have been taken in to consideration, and prepared a strategy for the communication targeting the target. The following discourse is regarding diabetes, parents, communication strategy and target. To prepare the best strategy for the communication the choice of theory was Everett M. Rogers and Chandra Mostov’s theory. The theory explains how the communication can work by the use of interpersonal communication within a group. Rogers points out how an opinion leader can function and influence the choices of the target group. Mostov’s theory explains three ways of using strategy for the communication. The conclusion is, there should be a prevention of diabetes II. The target is youngsters at 13 to 15 and the strategy is the partial indirect communication. The opinion leaders are the health visitors at school, the parents or the teachers at school.
Publication date2007
Number of pages105
Publishing institutionInstitut 12
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