• Alba Martinez I Quer
4. term, Sustainable Biotechnology, Master (Master Programme)
Different strategies were proposed as enhancers of the inner biodegradability of polyethylene, in
a sustainable approach: the supplement of a biosurfactant (MEL) or a co-substrate, and the use
of a dened mixed consortia (DMC). Bacteria used for the DMC were isolated from a 3-month
enrichment and a microtiter culture methodology was developed for high-throughput screening.
FTIR analysis conrmed a weak oxidation in C=C bonds due to biodegradation within the most
successful consortia. Furthermore, the genome of the strains was sequenced and a putative study
of the presence of different enzymes was carried out. Laccases and Alkane hydroxylases were
found within the genome of some of the isolates, which conrmed its putative capacity for polymer
oxidation. Dye-decolourizing peroxidase was proposed to be a promising LDPE degrading enzyme
or a facilitator enzyme within the consortia.
Publication date30 Jun 2019
Number of pages85
ID: 305542600