• Lasse Jakobsen
  • Frederik Husted Ahlers
4. semester, Sports Technology (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
Objective: Develop a wireless crank moment measurement system for a handbike. Method: A tee-rosette strain gage
was mounted on the crankshaft and connected to a wireless transmitter. An optical wheel encoder provided crank
position and speed data in order to determine applied crank force with respect to position and calculation of power.
Results: Linearity (R2=1) was demonstrated between applied force and voltage output for 1,2,3,4 and 5 kg load for the
calibration procedure. The initial propulsion measurement presented data for applied crank moment, tangential force,
angular velocity and power with respect to crank position. Discussion: This system can provide kinetic data in terms of
tangential external force, provided by the athlete and as input for biomechanical modelling. This system has the
potential to obtain field measurement on the road, due to the wireless system.

Objective: Collect experimental data as input for a musculoskeletal model and Implement the data in a
musculoskeletal model in order to analyse muscle activity, muscle force and joint reaction forces and moments, during
recumbent hand cycling propulsion. Method: The kinetic measurement, obtained in this study, was done by using a
customized crank moment measurement system. Two Microsoft Kinect one cameras obtained the kinematics of the
hand cycling propulsion movement. The kinetics and kinematics founded the input data for a development of a
musculoskeletal model, during recumbent hand cycling propulsion. Results: Estimation of muscle activity time and
muscle force for the prime mover-muscles in the crank cycle were conducted. Simultaneously, the model estimated
joint reaction forces and moments. Discussion: The model can be applied in studies related to performance
optimization and injury prevention in relation to hand cycling.
Publication date2 Jun 2016
Number of pages52
External collaboratorWolturnus A/S
CTO Christian Gammelgaard cgo@wolturnus.dk
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