Development, Modelling and Control of an Agricultural Robot

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Morten Boelt Vesteraa
4. term, Control and Automation, Master (Master Programme)
Agricultural operations requires a lot of labour. A solution could be the use of small farm robots that can run around the clock and solve a lot of the jobs at hand. This could e.g. be harrowing, planting. spraying etc. This work describes the development of a control scheme for a versatile agricultural robot, that can solve a lot of different tasks. The project includes the use of a robot prototype, build prior to this project, where focus is on setting up hardware and communication with motor drives via CAN-bus. The project also includes an approach to mathematical modelling of the robot and a description of the sensor suite used to determine position and orientation in a field. Finally the development of a trajectory following controller is discussed.
Publication date5 Jun 2019
Number of pages102
ID: 305178800