• Jeppe Hjersing Knudsen
  • Martin Geertsen
4. term, Engineering Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
The scope of this thesis is to find how methods for a human-centered design approach can be applied for the design process of TC Electronics future product, the TonePrint community. This is approached by first conducting an interview focused on the design process of the TonePrint app. A thematic analysis of the interview resulted in 33 Themes describing the different aspects of the interview. A conceptual model of the TonePrint community is derived on the basis of the interview, representing ideas of features and concepts. On the basis of the accumulated knowledge five tasks is derived focusing on different aspects of the design process of the TonePrint community and which user-centered design methods that may be applied in the process.
One of the task is used as a case, in which the focus is to explore the users mental model of the TonePrint community, in order to accommodate this when designing the information architecture in the future. Based on a card sort study and a workshop is a model derived, representing the users mental model of completing two task with the TonePrint community.
Publication date6 Jun 2019
Number of pages107
External collaboratorTC Electronic
Innovation Software DSP Champion Jesper Lumbye Andersen Jesper.LumbyeAndersen@musictribe.com
ID: 305238944