Developing a Global Ecotourism Network Through a Framework Expansion

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Maria Helene Pedersen
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
The aim of this thesis is to develop the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN) in order for them to attract new members. The case study will be examined through a mixed method approach with interviews as well as a survey. The research will be conducted through the humanistic inquiry approach to comprehend the many worldview that is involved in a global network as well as use myself as the practitioner-researcher due to the experience gained through an internship at GEN. The two main topics; the use of network and ecotourism, will be explored through a literature review. The literature review shows a gap in the literature on global networks within the ecotourism industry. This research leads to the theoretical framework, where the framework of Successful International Tourism Networks (SITN) by Morrison, et al. (2004) will be utilised. The framework consists of five elements, but due to the inadequate substance of each element, the framework will be expanded with relevant literature in each element and additionally, include Tourism Network Lifecycle (Zehrer & Raich, 2010)The analysis will apply the expanded SITN framework and implement the case study of GEN. This will explore and develop GEN through the six elements, which the newly expanded SITN framework consists of. The elements entail; GEN's objectives, the organisational structure and leadership of GEN, GEN's resourcing, member engagement, benefits and inter-organisational learning, and GEN's lifecycle. The expanded framework enlightens areas where GEN needs to focus in order to become more attractive for potential new members. The elements were found to useful to enlighten different aspects of GEN's development opportunities. However, it does lack in areas within the organisational structure and leadership, communication system and development of member relationship.
Publication date29 Nov 2016
Number of pages66
ID: 244540646