• Jacob Toft Christiansen
  • Sigurd Hoffmann Buhl
  • Maria Dyremose
4. Term, Sustainable Design (M.SC) (Master Programme)
The project the following thesis is written about investigates the complications that currently block the prioritization and involvement of sustainability in the tender process of construction projects. Based on this research, a catalogue of instruments is prepared that reports sustainable initiatives, which aims to contribute information that can usefully alleviate the existing challenge in the industry. The project is intensified and delegated to the project group by the organisation of Banedanmark, with a desire to facilitate sharing of knowledge between developers in the construction industry and create a starting point for an acceleration of sustainable innovation in the industry. The initial research will draw on experience and knowledge from developers within various types of construction projects. Initiatives in the catalogue will thus not only be targeted at developers in infrastructure but will also not report initiatives that are not relevant to these. Based on empirical data collected through this thesis, an obligatory passage point(OPP) is analyzed, which constitutes an overall need for the actors that are a part of the construction industry’s network. The OPP that allows sustainability to be given higher priority in the construction industry is analyzed to be a need for quantitative data in sustainable initiatives, which thus becomes a key element in the development of a catalogue of instruments.
Publication date6 May 2022
Number of pages102
External collaboratorBanedanmark
Søren Boas SBOS@BANE.dk
Information group
ID: 469525102