• Sidsel Villadsen
4. term, Music Therapy, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis investigates the music therapy perceptions of parents of children with special needs. The primary focus of this project is to examine the parents’ perceptions of music therapy and their perception of the communication with the music therapist.
This is investigated using a qualitative approach with the foundation in phenomenology. The per-ceptions of the parents are investigated through semi structured qualitative interviews with three mothers of children with special needs, who has received music therapy. The interviews has af-terwards been transcribed, and the transcriptions has become the ground for the analysis.
Transcriptions has been coded and categorized inductively using a phenomenological approach. From the codes and categories, narratives have been developed in order to present the interview material. A phenomenological reduction has been used to find the essence of the material in order to answer the research question.
This master thesis concludes that parents of children with special needs generally finds music therapy enjoyable and effective in their child’s development process. Parents find that their child develops especially social, cognitive and communication skills in music therapy, and the effect is noticed by the parents in the everyday life.
Parents benefit from being involved in the music therapy process and they are more likely to un-derstand the essence of music therapy, if they get to observe or participate in the music therapy sessions. Furthermore, music therapy becomes more relatable for the parents when the music therapist can communicate the goals and benefits in music therapy and relate them to the chal-lenges that the parents experience in the everyday life with their child.
Publication date31 May 2017
Number of pages76
ID: 258719971