The individual existential meeting with democracy

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Rune Kristensen
4. term, Public Administration and Social Science (Master Programme)
This thesis is about Habermas and Kierkegaard, and takes its stand in a critical perspective of society and modernity. Where Kierkegaard focuses on the existentialistic perspective, is Habermas taking his stand in an analysis about society regarding the development of democracy from the feudal society and until today. Here become the individual in our time as Habermas describes as newer where the individual become the central focus and goal. It is therefore central for democracy, where in the individual lives, to create a basic that can get acceptance from all of those it represents. In this concept it doesn’t need to be grounded in an ideology or religious mode. The identification of this problem field is with Kierkegaard on the unique individual and a project for this individual to become free and ready to make validates claims. It is about to complete Habermas project in the deliberative democracy with Kierkegaard aim on the individual.
Publication date2007
Number of pages94
Publishing institutionPolitik & Administration og Samfundsfag
ID: 12261969