• Lina Berg
The thesis deals with the development of the Lithuanian construction sector towards digital construction. Within this field the historical development, the existing conditions and the future strategic development are analysed. The digital construction is considered to be a niche innovation and the analysis is based on two possible niche managers: the public body and a local consultancy company. These initiatives are analysed in order to distinguish the best way of organising development and ensure implementation. In order to understand, what is specific about implementation in Lithuania, the analysis compares the practices in Lithuania with experiences from Denmark, where the development started much earlier and has been active for many years. A broad empirical data was collected via interviews, observations and literature study in order to analyse phenomenon in its contexts and address many related aspects. The analysis is based on the theoretical approach of the Multi-level perspective (Geels, 2005) and the Strategic niche management (Kemp, Schot, & Hoogma, 1988).
Publication date8 Jan 2015
Number of pages55
ID: 207578423