Design and development of MinType2 - a multifunctional self-management app

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Kristine Bugge Hæstrup
  • Simon Jensen
  • Nikoline Møller Jensen
4. term, Clinical Science and Technology, Master (Master Programme)
The number of people with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is increasing and in this patient group self-management is important to ensure proper regulation of the disease. Several tools can support self-management, including apps. However, there seems to be a tendency to non-use which, among other things, can be attributed to limited functionality or lack of user involvement in the development. Thus, the purpose of this thesis is to design and develop a prototype of an app for people with T2DM based on users' attitudes to the content and along the way assess usability.

Discount usability engineering was used to design and develop the prototype, MinType2. A systematic literature search was conducted to identify which features users find essential to include in an app. Based on these MinType2 was developed in PowerPoint through an iterative process. The first iteration consisted of four heuristic evaluations (HE) and the second and third iterations consisted of each three simple thinking-aloud tests (STH-tests).

15 features were identified and of these four were selected to be developed in MinType2. 113 violations of the heuristics were noted in HE which led to 28 changes and a new version of MinType2. The two iterations of STH-tests led to four and two modifications, respectively which resulted in the last version of MinType2.

MinType2 was developed in PowerPoint based on the 15 identified functions and along the way tested through an iterative process. It is not clear whether the usability of MinType2 is good or poor, but the test subjects indicated that it was easy to navigate and simple to use.
Publication date2 Jun 2020
ID: 333224565