• Lean Ravnkilde Johansen
  • Peter Tinggaard Sørensen
4. term , Design of Mechanical Systems, Master (Master Programme)
This project is focused on the design development
of a bend stiffener, for flexible
pipelines in the oil industry. The problem
with the old design is that it is too insulating,
which causes the outer wall of the pipe
to fail. The design is developed through a
design process consisting of several iterations.
The final design is based on a combination
of the current design and a conceptual
design developed through the report.
The design is optimized towards a desired
behaviour, where the current bend stiffener
design is used as reference. A model of the
equivalent stiffness of the flexible pipe was
needed in order to evaluate the strength of
the bend stiffener. A pipe model was therefore
developed. The stresses determined in
the strength analysis was too high, and it
was concluded that the design could not
be dimensioned to withstand the stresses
without compromising the mechanical behaviour.
The reports leaves an open design
process, ready for further development.
All necessary data and models have
been developed in this project to continue
the process. The design fulfilled the mechanical
behaviour and the temperature requirement.
Publication date3 Jun 2015
Number of pages99
External collaboratorNational Oilwell Varco Flexibles
Anders Lyckegaard anders.lyckegaard@nov.com
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