• Martin Benner Baastrand
  • Simon Thies
  • Miguel Garnelo Rodriguez
  • Daniel Bo Rønnest Andersen
2. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Due to a competitive market, the availability of the wind turbines has become a deciding factor. The reliability of the wind turbines is therefore of great importance. Among wind turbine sub-systems, the power converter represents a crucial link between the wind power and grid supply, which, consequently, needs to be rigorously tested. Traditionally, testing of the wind turbine components has been conducted by constant test profiles. This project describes a different approach of emulating the wind turbine's real-field operation mission profile on a test-bench to evaluate the power converter in a realistic environment. This includes a wind profile generator according to IEC 61400-1 and an inverter-based generator emulator including the mechanical system. Furthermore, a suitable back-to-back power converter as the device under test including its control methods. A load profile investigation for a three-phase power module has also been conducted. The result of the project is a simulation model of the complete test-bench. This model has been verified through various simulations of individual components and the complete model of the test-bench. Experimental validation of the test bench setup is still pending; however, the hardware platform has been discussed and initiated. Hence, it can be concluded that the test bench simulation is working as intended and has shown promising results of emulating realistic wind turbine mission and load profiles.
SpecialisationPower Electronics and Drives
Publication date25 May 2020
Number of pages109
ID: 332922463