• Felix Prieto Viejo
  • Jose Mato Sanz
  • Pere Joan Jaume Camps
4. term , Design of Mechanical Systems, Master (Master Programme)
Through this report the design and validationof an experimental procedure that aims tocharacterize cohesive laws of layered compositematerials in an accurate and simple way is done.The cohesive law determination is done from adisplacement field of one arm of a DCB specimenvia an inverse parameter identification proceduredeveloped in the previous semester. Studieson the effect of uncertainties related to theexperimental procedure on the variability of thecohesive law calculations are performed usingthe Monte Carlo approach. Correlation studiesare performed to identify the parameters thatdrive the size of the confidence intervals obtainedfrom the Monte Carlo analyses. From the resultsobtained, modifications in the formulation ofthe inverse parameter model are introducedto improve the accuracy and stability of thecohesive law obtained.Based on previous experience and the resultsfrom the statistical analysis performed, anexperimental procedure is designed to reducethe impact of the variables that have beenfound to strongly affect the solutions obtained.The experimental procedure is based on DICand only requires displacement fields to bemeasured.The motivation for this project is to developan experimental method that can be widelyapplicable in industry thanks to its speedand simplicity, that eliminates the humaninterpretation on the data treatment process andwhich has the possibility of being applicable tofatigue loading.
Publication date3 Jun 2020
Number of pages139
ID: 333513023