• Alba Pérez Millan
4. semester, Physics and Technology, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis focuses on the development of a method to fabricate free-standing beams as a characterizing tool for thin film electromechanical properties. The objective is to enhance the understanding and characterization of electromechanical coupling effects in thin films. The fabrication process involves the creation of cantilever structures using techniques such as e-beam writing and anisotropic etching. The addition of a Si3N4 layer is explored to characterize flexoelectricity. The results show a successful cantilever fabrication and the importance of optimizing the etching process to achieve the desired etch stop effect. Additionally, the Si3N4 layer addition exhibits excellent results in terms of film quality and stress levels. However, the flawed contact fabrication method used for the device presents challenges, including material overlap and leakage issues. Although the device could not be tested within the allocated timeframe, an alternative method for contact fabrication is proposed. Moreover, an experimental design is outlined, providing a promising avenue for future testing and evaluation of the device’s performance.
SpecialisationNanomaterials and Nanophysics
Publication date1 Jun 2023
Number of pages47
ID: 532476900