• Daniela Rodriguez Pinto
4. semester, Robotics, M.Sc. (Master Programme)
Industry 4.0 is changing the manufacturing world at a fast speed. This introduces factories with new services, technologies and approaches. However, adapting to Industry 4.0 can be challenging. In order to ease the adaptation a Learning, Training, Assistance model is developed together with the implementation of Language-enabled Virtual Assistants.
In this project, a User Study is designed where participants are expected to complete a task while interacting with a VA, named Max, and an industrial robot. In this study, the participant is expected to be able to assembly a mockup-phone provided by AAU with the help of Max and the industrial robot. Following the interaction, the participants score and rate the system and interaction on a questionnaire.
The system scored an average of 68.53 in System Usability Scale and averages of 2.41 and 1.74 in overall frustration for interaction with Max and the robot, respectively. Moreover, when voting for a preferred interaction 69.0% of the participants voted for Max, 31.0% voted to follow the instructions in a User Manual, and 0.0% voted to interact with an inexperienced worker. Additionally, the participants provided valued and helpful inputs for the current version of the system, as well as, inputs for future versions.
Publication date6 Jan 2022
Number of pages70
ID: 458067097