Design af universalt transformator beslag

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Peter Francis Mwamoto
In cooperation with KK Wind Solutions, it is decided to design a universal bracket for mounting the transformers used in their control systems. Today, different brackets are used for this purpose, usually each of them designed for a specific project. The design of a universal bracket will result in a reduced inventory, and will optimize the design work. As control systems are subjected to vibration tests before approval for production, it will not be necessary to test the system according to the new the brackets. The analysis of an existing bracket, affected by the largest used transformer at KK Wind Solutions, will form the basis for the design of a universal bracket. The analyses are performed according to vibrations test criteria. These analyses conclude that a universal bracket can be used in material DX51X, but steel S235 is preferred. In addition, a parameter-driven computation sheet to calculate the corresponding bolted joints is developed
Publication date7 Jan 2015
Number of pages68
External collaboratorKK Wind Solutions A/S
Jørgen Dahl Vestergaard
Place of Internship
ID: 207538041